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Valentine Love Note Scrapbuster

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

The sweetest way to use your fabric scraps!

I have fond memories of teaching my students to make small envelopes out of paper hearts. This year I realized I could use the same idea and make adorable reusable fabric envelopes! These are the perfect size for a small gift or gift card, and can be personalized and customized so many ways. These are great for teachers, kids, or any person you want to share a small token of the Valentine's spirit with!




​10" x 10" fabric for front

10" x 10" fabric for lining

Snap (sew- in or KAM)

Thread to match

​Sewing Machine


Hand sewing needle

Heart Pattern (PDF, SVG, or hand drawn)

Snap pliers or press*

Straight Stitch

Curved Stitch

Hand sewing- slip stitch

Adding Snaps

Hand Embroidery*

1. Lay out fabric and pattern and cut on fold. (I prefer to cut on fold instead of both fabrics together to ensure a perfectly symmetrical heart!) Or cut one lining and one main heart on your cutting machine using the SVG file download. If you are drawing your own pattern, your heart should be about 9.5" inches tall and 9" wide

2. If you want to embroider a note inside of your heart, you should do this now before sewing them together. (I hand embroidered notes for my daughters on mine!)

3. Place hearts right side together and pin them, leaving a 2" opening. I like to mark my start and stop pins with a different color pin so I don't forget to leave an opening.

4. Sew using a 3/8" seam allowance along the heart

5. Clip the curves, and notch the top and bottom points of the heart.

6. Turn the heart right-side out and use a point turner to ensure edges are crisp. Press.

7. Hand sew the opening closed using a slip stitch.

8. Lay the heart upside down with the lining facing up. Fold the sides in toward the middle until they overlap slightly. Fold the bottom up to the bottom of the triangle that is showing. Fold the triangle down as the top of the envelope. Press.

9. Mark where your snaps should be to keep the envelope closed. Add your snaps using a snap press or hand sew them in.

10. Add your small gift or note and spread the love!

Sew along with me in my full video tutorial!

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