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TOP 5 Gifts for Sewists: Under $25

It can be hard to buy Christmas gifts for the one who can make it all! I have compiled my top 5 favorite gifts for the sewist in your life. And unlike most sewing supplies- these gifts are all less than $25!

When available, I have included links to Amazon as well as links to my favorite sewing business, Sewing Parts Online! You can also check out the local quilt or sewing store in your area to support small businesses.

1. Expanding Sewing Gauge

One of the handiest tools a sewist can have is this expanding sewing gauge. This tool has so many uses. I get such satisfaction every time I create perfectly placed buttons in such a short amount of time, not to mention how quick it makes pinning pleats!

Find it at Sewing Parts Online

Find it on Amazon

2. Machine Needle Organizer

This is a new product discovery for me and I don't know how I survived without it! As someone with several machines and constantly going back and forth between fabric types and embroidery projects, this product is saving my sanity and my money. I can keep track of my needles easily and not spend time trying to decipher the tiny numbers on my needles!

Find it at Sewing Parts Online

Find it on Amazon

3. Machine Needle Threader

I use this daily and it saves me so much frustration when using my serger and coverstitch machines. I want to buy two or three more to have one by every machine!

Mine is from my local Bernina dealer and it works like a charm. I have linked two that look similar and have great reviews.

Find it at Sewing Parts Online

Find it on Amazon

4. Magnetic Pickup Tool

I don't know that many sewists have this one yet. It makes picking up all those lost pins so much easier! It makes it feel a lot safer for my kids to be barefoot in my studio.

Find it on Amazon

5. Sewing Planner/ Journal

Not a day goes by that I don't use my sewing planner! This comes in printable or digital form and has all everything a sewist needs. It is great to have one place with all the measurements I need to sew for my loved ones, plus there's a whole section to plan out new projects.

Find the printable version here

Find the digital version here

Bonus: Rotary Blade Refills

If your favorite sewist is anything like me and pretty much all sewists I know, then they need new rotary refills! Save them from continuing to use their scratched or nicked blades because it feels wasteful to replace them so often.

Find it at Sewing Parts Online

Find it on Amazon

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