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Sip and Sew: A sewing party preview

There are few things as equally fun and cathartic as a Girl's Night with your closest friends. But you can only go out for drinks and dinner so many times before varied lifestyles make things complicated! A sewing party with your friends can be the perfect solution to liven things up.

Up to 5 people will get all the girl talk, laughs, catching up, and good times you are used to when with your besties. PLUS you will learn some new skills and leave the evening with two handmade projects!

Emily hosted two others at her house last week for an Apron party. The three women had various degrees of sewing experience, and they were all proud to show off their new aprons. Emily provided yummy snacks and drinks for her friends, and I provided everything else needed to host the night. And as a bonus, they didn't even have to find a sitter. All the ladies brought their kids who played some rousing games of "the floor is lava" in the next room.

Other options for parties include: Pajama shorts and embellished tank, shoe bags and shoe sachets, pillowcases and eye masks, and bibs and burp cloths. Email me at shopsowhimsy@gmail to get your party booked today!

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