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"Selfish" Sewing

I have been hearing the term "selfish sewing" a lot in the sewing community lately. It is used when referring to the sewist making something for themselves. There's something about the phrase that does not sit well with me at all.

I think what it is bringing up for me the most is the idea that for us to do something for ourselves (mostly as moms and as women) is inherently selfish. I could do down the whole rabbit hole here, but will spare you. I think we can all agree it is time to let go of the idea that to take care of ourselves and our needs is somehow selfish!

In reality, the idea of "selfish" sewing" is like saying it is selfish to focus on nutrition and eating healthy, or selfish to exercise! Sewing is showing your self love, grace, and patience.

Self- Care Sewing

  • Sewing for yourself takes away the pressure of having to fit into clothes, you can make them fit you.

  • Sewing occupies the mind and can keep you focused during times of depression, anxiety, frustration, etc.

  • Sewing skills are always improving and you learn patience in the process.

Sewing is a great form of therapy, whether it be quilting, alterations, sewing gifts or clothes for loved ones. But sewing for yourself is saying that you value your skills enough to put them on display, you value your body enough to dress it beautifully (and comfortably), and you value the time you get to yourself which allows you to have a better version of yourself to share with others.

Do you agree? Is sewing for yourself selfish, or is it self-care?

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