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Reduce and Reuse: Part 2: A Sweeper Refill Tutorial

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

This project was born from my resolutions to save money, be less wasteful, and to use my fabric stash! I have been going through so many refills for my Swiffer sweeper so I decided it was time to make my own!

If you are interested in reducing your fleece stash and your cleaning supply budget, sew along with me to make Reusable Sweeper Pads!




1/2 yard Fleece fabric

20" of 5/8 elastic

Thread to match

Sewing machine



Scissors/ Rotary Cutter

Safety Pin

​Straight Stitch

Elastic Casing

(Complete video tutorial included at the end!)

  1. Cut a 14" x 8.5" rectangle and a 10" x 4" rectangle out of your fleece.

2. Cut 1.5" squares out of each corner of your larger rectangle.

3. Place the smaller rectangle on top of your bigger piece. Mark 1" from each edge on the smaller rectangle. Pin and sew along those lines.

4. Pin each notched corner right sides together (your smaller rectangle is sewn on the the right side). Sew along each of the four notched corners.

5. Measure and fold a 3/4" inch casing onto the wrong side of your fabric. Pin as you go. Leave a 3" opening to thread your elastic though. *I like to use two different colored pins to show the start and stop of my casing.

6. Sew along your casing, being sure to leave your 3" opening.

7. Put your safety pin into the end of your elastic and put it through the casing opening. Use your left hand to feel and pull the safety pin and your right hand to push the pin through. Make sure to keep the end of the elastic from being pulled through. Once all the way through, remove the safety pin and sew the two ends of elastic together. Hand stitch or sew the casing closed, ensuring that you don't sew into the elastic!

8. Cut down the center of the smaller rectangle, being sure not to cut into the other layer. You should now have two longer strips sewn onto the mop. Cut fringe 1" apart on both sides of the seams on the strip.

9. Put onto your mop and start cleaning!

You can leave off the fringe piece and make it out of microfiber or terrycloth and have a reusable wet mop head as well!

Watch the full video tutorial

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