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Reduce and Reuse: Part 1: A Duster Refill Tutorial

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

As we begin a new year, we resolve to do better, to finally make some changes. Often, we set our sights so high that we are unable to reach all the expectations we set for ourselves.

This project was born from my resolutions to save money, be less wasteful, and to use my fabric stash! I have a swiffer style duster for each floor of my house, and with a Pyrenees/ Shepard mix in the house, my dusting cloths need to be replaced frequently.

If you are interested in reducing your fleece stash and your cleaning supply budget, sew along with me to make Reusable Fleece Dusters!




Fleece fabric ¼ yard or scraps at least 6”x 6” inches

Sewing machine



Scissors/ Rotary Cutter

​Straight Stitch

(Complete video tutorial included at the end!)

  1. Cut your fleece into four 6" x 6" squares

2. Draw a line down the middle (3" mark) of two of your squares. Then draw a line 3/4" on each side of the center line on one of the squares.

3. Place the square with 3 lines on top of a blank square. Pin along center line.

4. Sew (making sure to backstitch) along center line. Repeat for outside lines. This creates the channel for your duster to slide in.

5. Place the sewn squares on top of a blank square. Place the last square with one line on top. Pin along center line through all four layers.

6. Stitch along center line.

7. Cut towards the center line about 1/2" to 3/4" apart to create fringe on your duster.

8. Slide handle into your duster and start cleaning!

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