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Pattern Review: Memory Bear L96898 with Collar Tutorial!

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

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Difficulty: 3

This pattern is fairly simple to sew, with only straight stitches and hand sewing required. However, the number of pieces and directions put this a little closer to moderate than beginner for me. Since I was making this out a shirt, I was hoping for a layout guide that made that easier. This pattern only includes the layout for 2 yards of flat fabric though.

Fit: N/A

Cost to Make: 3

If you make this pattern as a memory bear and use the shirt of a loved one, you are saving on fabric! But if you buy fabric, stuffing, and buttons to complete this bear it lays right at moderate for price. (Stuffing has gotten very expensive lately!) The pattern itself is less than $5 which is a great price, but that means it can't be bought with Joann's $0.99 pattern sale!

Features: 2

I do like that this pattern had to many pieces, which does it give its face a nice shape as well as the legs and arms that can move. I had to add the collar and placket because the pattern itself only included the bear and a vest.




​Definition in the bear's face

Clear instructions

Moveable limbs

Cute bear!

​Lots of parts to cut out

Longer sewing time

Changes (Full Tutorial for adding placket and collar)

I was absolutely over the moon for this bear once I added the buttons and collar. It makes the bear look like it is wearing the shirt it is made from!

To Prepare the placket and collar, you are going to want to carefully cut them off of the shirt, making sure to cut very close to the stitching line.

After step 6 on the pattern instructions you will add the placket. Cut the placket to about 8.5" making sure that the top and bottom buttons are centered. (It is likely there will only be two buttons on this length of placket.)

Center the placket in the middle of the bear front. The top of the placket should like up with the neck and the bottom should end at the roundness of the bear's tummy. Fold up about 1/2" on the bottom to finish the seam. Pin the placket to the bear.

Stitch down the sides and across the bottom of the placket to secure it to the bear front.

Remove a button from the part of the shirt you aren't using. Sew the button on the placket in between the two buttons already there.

Continue to finish the bear according to the pattern instructions.

To add the collar, place it on the finished bear and button it around the neck. Pull it to the back and mark where it should fit. (Likely between 2-3 inches smaller)

Open the collar and mark the line where you are going to sew. The bottom part of the collar (the stand) will be right sides together and the top part of the (the fall) will be wrong sides together. Sew along your mark. Trim the excess and press seam open.

Fold the collar back down and put it on your bear!

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