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Pattern Review: Butterick B6330 View E: Jumpsuit

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Difficulty: 2

This jumpsuit was very simple to make! It has just 5 pattern pieces so it is quick to cut out. The shorten and lengthen lines are easily adjusted (always important to my short-waisted self!) The directions are clear with 20 steps. No special skills or tools are required, so this is a good pattern for a novice.

Fit: 4

Since it is made out of knit, fitting is generally easier anyway. However, jumpsuits can often fit wrong. This one is perfectly proportioned and I never feel like the bottom is creeping up! It is also easy to combine sizes in the pattern and use a smaller top or bottom based on your measurements. (Just remember to scale the parts where they join!)

Cost to Make: 3

First of all, I hope you never pay full price for a pattern. If I had paid the full $16 price- the rating on this would have gone way up! I bought this pattern when it was on sale for $1.99 at Joann's. The rating is a little high since the pattern itself calls for 3 yards of fabric- that can add up for nice knit! However, I also found this knit at Joann's on sale. I spend $16 on all three yards. Considering that I used a button from my stash, this jumpsuit cost me less than twenty dollars, coming in at $18.99!

Features: 5

I'm not sure I could ask for more in a jumpsuit. The pockets are amazing and not just for the mere fact that you have them. I am a fan of side front pockets because they are more flattering on me than those that sit at my hip. These pockets are roomy! The pleats in the pants also allow for a nice silhouette as well as a fun design feature. The back has a button so you can easily get the jumpsuit on and off.




  1. Easy to Sew- clear directions, few pieces

  2. Fits great- all knit, pleats

  3. Has side- front pockets

  4. Easy to get on and off- button closure

  1. Requires 3 yards of fabric

  2. Comes in two different size options ( I prefer all sizes in one envelope so I can reuse for multiple people- or as I change!)


I shortened the waist 1/2" and the pants 1" due to my aforementioned shortness. I would have liked to size down in the bodice, but the Large was the smallest size in the ZZ (LG, XL, XXL) envelope. Next time I will scale the pattern down myself to fit better on the top. I also found my hair kept getting caught in the button when I wore it down. I will probably include a tie next time to prevent that. Belt loops would be another great addition as I think this looks best with a belt. I would also love to draft a v-neck for this pattern as I find them more flattering on me. Additionally, I used a coverstitch machine for the neckline, armholes, and hem instead of following their directions. A double needle would also work well.


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