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Fall Break 2022 Mini Capsule

We are heading back East for a wedding in October, and there's no better place to enjoy the season than Boston in the Fall! I knew I wanted to use my Patterns for Pirates "Kelli's Dress" pattern to wear to the wedding, and then I started thinking about all the outfits I could make to have an entirely handmade wardrobe for the trip!

As you know, sewing gets expensive, fast. I decided I would plan a mini capsule full of FREE patterns to add a challenge and to make it more affordable. I tried to shop my stash first, Wal-Mart value fabrics second, and JoAnn's clearance section last. My dress fabric was not on clearance, but I did get it on sale! I spent less than $100 for all of the fabric, which should allow me to buy a fun new pair of boots for the trip!

I wish I could say I have made all these patterns before and that my capsule will come together very quickly, but that is unfortunately not the case. I have made the dress and two of the tops before, but everything else is going to be a gamble. I do not think I will make muslins of most of them because I am short on time, but I do think I will make the leggings out of a cheaper fabric first. (Can one have too many leggings anyway?)

The Breakdown

For my first top I chose this two tone neutral cheetah print from Joann's. I chose the Galena Top from Styla patterns. I will do the simple bodice and short puff sleeves. I have made this pattern as a dress before and it is one of my absolute favorites!

The next top is a mashup of a few patterns to get the look I want. The sleeves are the bishop sleeve option on the Galena Pattern, the bodice is the Styla Laurel pattern, and then I am using underwear from Paper Theory to draft a bodysuit. (Wish me luck!) The fabric is from a Wal Mart Value bundle.

I love a classic boatneck tee for Fall! The top portion of the Rebecca Page "Paris Dress" is perfect. I haven't made this pattern before, but it looks quick and cute! Fabric has been in my stash for eons and is a lightweight jersey.

I have had this Hot Patterns "Aspen Cardigan" printed forever and I am so excited to sew it up. Your girl is a huge fan of peplums and the way they accentuate my shape. This fabric is so textured and cozy (from WM value bundle too!)

This wrap is inspired by a shawl I saw that can convert into so many different styles. It can be a drapey vest, jacket shawl, short shawl, scarf- it's basically a Thneed! The original was in knit, but I was so drawn to this plaid that screams Fall, and is perfectly double sided, so I couldn't resist!

This is another pattern that has been on my to sew list for ages. The P4P "Peg Legs" have so many different options. I am hoping that I have enough of this pumpkin lightweight scuba that was gifted to me, and the the Microflex (from Joann's red tag) doesn't read "at the club", but I have faith in both!

I have downloaded approximately 10,541 Mood Patterns, but have never actually sewn one up. This Jamesia Redux slims the upper leg for a more flared look. I think these cord flares will be a simple sew that will be the perfect updated Fall look. The fine wale corduroy was from Joanns.

Phew! I am off to wash dozens of yards of fabric and to print, cut, assemble, tape, and cut (more) all my patterns. Stayed tuned as I start sewing up my capsule pieces.

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