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Easy Silky Nightgown

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

This very easy nightgown really embodies the phrase "sewing is my self-care", and it also makes a great gift. I mean who doesn't love silky pajamas?!

Full video tutorial at the bottom of the page!




1 yard silky fabric

1 yard lace hem tape

Thread to Match

Sewing machine


Safety Pin


French Curve*


​Straight Stitch


Turn a tube

Rolled hem*

1. Fold your fabric in fourths long ways (the original fold on the bolt, and then fold the selvedge edges over again)

2. Cut two fabric lengths 1.5" wide for your straps. (I only used one length for this size night gown- if you need them longer, sew the short ends together now!)

3. Measure how long you want your nightgown to be (top of the bust to above the knees). For this one, I cut it at 26".

4. Measure across 10" from the fold at the top edge. Mark. Using a straight edge, cut a diagonal from the bottom corner to the top where you marked.

5. Using a French curve, or measurements, cut a J shaped curve 1.5" in from the top edge and about 6" down.

6. Finish all edges ( zig- zag, pinking shears, or serge) except the bottom.

7. Stitch side seams right sides together.

8. Fold a narrow 3/8” in on your armhole edges and stitch.

9. Press, pin and stitch 3/4” casing on the top edge of the front and back piece.

10. Fold your straps in half, right sides together and sew with a 3/8” seam.

11. Trim the seam allowance.

12. Cut a slit about 1/2” down from the edge, through the stitching, but not all the way through the strap. Insert a safety pin into the slit. Push the pin into the tube. Push the pin with your right hand and add grab with your left hand to thread the tube into itself.

13. Once the tube is right side out, trim the edges. Using a pin or scissor points, push the unfinished edge inside the tube and stitch closed.

14. Measure your top edge, divide it by two, and add 1.5". (Mine was 17"/2= 8.5=1.5=10) Cut two pieces of hem tape that length.

15. Fold in the hem tape about 3/4" and pin to the center of the front. (The two pieces of lace should butt up to each other at the folds.

16. Pin the tape along the top, folding in 3/4" at the armhole edges also.

17. Sew the lace tape across the top and bottom, leaving the edges open.

18. Using a safety pin, thread the strap through the folded lace in the front. Continue to thread around until you reach the armhole. From this point you will thread into the back casing. Continue until your ends meet in the front at the folded lace.

19. Adjust the straps as needed and tie a bow in the front.

20. Hem the bottom using a serged roll hem, or a narrow hem on your sewing machine.

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